Simple Guide to Shopping for Exterior Wall Lighting

Putting up exterior wall lighting in your home is a great way to illuminate outdoor spaces such as patios, decks, balconies, and porches. It is a good trick to ease transition between an entry and an exit point in a house. Aside from the fact that its main purpose is to light up or illuminate […]

Illuminate Your Space with Outdoor Patio Lighting

Patios are outdoor spaces in the home that are enjoyable for hanging out; for parties, barbeques, roughhousing and other such play not suited for the indoors. Having a patio is a good chance of enjoying a convenient outdoors while not leaving home. When night falls, you can rely on outdoor patio lighting to illuminate the […]

4 Reasons for Switching To Led Landscape Lighting

If you own a home, then chances are you are always thinking of ways to improve it. Lighting the landscape is a good way to make a home more welcoming. This is a technique for improving the residential property without spending too much on renovations and the like. For different kinds of lighting, check out […]

Modern Times Contemporary Outdoor Lighting

Contemporary outdoor lighting takes a bold step in design. New materials are cropping up everyday with the new technology. Artistic license is pushing the boundaries of imagination so that now there is a range of shapes, sizes, colors, and material. Kichler lighting has a collection of outdoor light fixtures and landscape lighting for the contemporary […]

Go Eco with Solar Powered Outdoor Lights

Energy from the sun is harnessed in solar powered outdoor lights. Solar energy is a very practical source for our lighting needs. It is free and abundant. It is nature‚Äôs gift to mankind, and it is ours for the taking. It is a good alternative energy source, because it does not use fossil fuel that […]

Outdoor Recessed Lighting, Is it for You?

Outdoor recessed lighting is different from ordinary lighting. The fact that it is for outdoor use makes it a special kind of lighting. It has to have the qualities of being both watertight and weatherproof. A safe and careful construction of the unit is a must. Most of these also have bulbs that are airtight. […]

Outdoor House Lighting For Beautiful Home and Garden

Electric lights in residences are one of the basic needs in modern times. It is what comes next after the timeless necessities of food, clothing, and shelter. By illuminating a space it makes it warm, comfortable, and livable. Lighting fixtures in the home is not only a necessity; some lights are designed for decorative purposes […]

Form and Function in Outdoor Antique Lighting

Outdoor antique lighting is a way to meet lighting needs with style. Aside from the grand chandeliers of old used for indoor lighting, outdoor illumination was also stylishly distinctive. Today, there are old Victorian and Colonial style lamps that are perfect reproductions of the lighting fixtures in those olden times. Most are made from brass […]

Modern Outdoor Post Lighting

Modern Outdoor Post Lighting – Among Southern California’s ideal possessions is the weather condition, allowing house owners to appreciate lots of months of exterior living. Add modern outdoor post lighting, and you can have smores nearly all year long. While modern outdoor post lighting is a necessary need inside, it is an included benefit outside […]

Modern Outdoor Post Lights

Modern Outdoor Post Lights – One of Southern The golden state’s ideal properties is the climate, allowing home owners to delight in lots of months of outside living. Include modern outdoor post lights, as well as you could have smores almost all year long. While modern outdoor post lights is a necessary need inside, it […]